Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is AAMA and DXF Format?

    DXF is an abbreviation of Drawing eXchange Format file and was invented by AutoDesk and has become a popular drawing exchange format and AAMA a standards definition for pattern data interchange between CAD systems which has been defined by American Apparel Manufacturers Association.

  • What is HPGL Format (plot)?

    The HPGL file format is a vector format developed by Hewlett Packard for driving plotters. The file extensions used for HPGL files include .plt, .hpg, .hp2, .pl2, and sometimes .prn. HPGL doesn't support AutoCAD OLE objects.

  • How can I get custom-fit patterns?

    To enjoy the benefits of custom-fit patterns you must first become a Tarseam member.

  • What are custom-fit patterns by Tarseam?

    Custom-fit patterns are pattern styles that have been individually drafted to a person's measurements and body characteristics.

    Taresam Patterns provides these patterns that fit your personalized measurements. Once your measurements are taken, Taresam drafts patterns to fit your body.

    Taresam Patterns recognizes that all women and man are different shapes and sizes. Combine that with height variations and the combinations are endless. No matter what your numerical size, we draft your patterns to your unique body shape!

  • How can I get my measurements taken?

    Measurements can be taken manually or by the bodyskannerTM.

    Manually you, with the help of a friend, can take your measurements by using a measuring tape for more information view measurements pages, Once you have taken your measurements, you can enter them directly on text boxes in measurements page or by e-mail to

    Measurements can also be taken by the bodyskanneTM . These measurements will be automatically entered into your Tarseam file once they have been confirmed.

  • What is the bodyskanneTM?

    The bodyskannerâ„¢ is like a dressing room in a store only when you walk in, it scans your entire body from head to toe to get a set of measurements accurate within 1/16th of an inch. The bodyskannerâ„¢ captures your precise measurements and all of your body information.

    The bodyskanneTM is a fast, accurate, private and hassle-free way of getting your measurements.

  • How do I get my measurements after I have been scanned by the bodyskanneTM?

    You will receive a confirmation of your measurements three to four weeks after you are scanned. At this time, you will be asked to verify five basic measurements before we draft your pattern (s). As a member, your set of accurate measurements will be printed on your patterns when you receive them. You can keep these measurements for your own records.

    Your measurements are also available on our website so you can login and access them anytime.

  • How are my patterns made?

    Once we have your measurements, they are entered into Tarrah System. When you order a pattern, Tarseam drafts your pattern to fit your body. A quality assurance check is then done to make any final adjustments necessary for the most accurate fit.

    When this is all completed, the patterns are printed, packed and shipped directly to you!

  • What does the pattern look like when I receive it?

    Tarseam's patterns are printed on heavy bond paper and packed in a sealable plastic bag. Our markings and pattern symbols are very similar to traditional patterns. The packages are re-sealable and can be used to store the pattern without damaging the paper.

  • Do the patterns come with sewing directions?

    Tarseam's pattern package contains the pattern and the pattern guide sheet. The package will also provide you with an instruction sheet on fabric fitting.

  • Once I receive my pattern, do I have to make any adjustments?

    Since patterns are made custom-fit for your body, you do not have to adjust the paper pattern, however, fabric fitting is essential for all patterns. While the patterns are drafted to your personal measurements, it is still important to fabric fit. The patterns do not take into account the type of fabric you are going to use or the amount of ease you want for a certain garment. Fabric fitting will allow you to adjust for different fabrics, ease preferences and minor weight changes.

    Before you begin to sew, it would be beneficial for you to take a moment and read over the fabric fitting instructions to understand their importance. This will ensure your garments fit the way you like once the garments are completed.

  • Why manufacture in China?

    China has established itself as a quality manufacturer of a wide range of goods. With its abundant manufacturing resources, infrastructure, cheap labour, and stable Government, China is the ideal place to develop and manufacture products.

  • What types of products does Tarseam inc specialize in?

    Tarseam inc specializes in a broad range of products. With years of experience operating in Canada, we have a wide array of partners and factories that we work with. We generally like working with clients on custom engineered products.

  • I would like to work with you. What is the first step?

    Contact Us for a free consultation. We are always more than willing to talk through what you are looking to do, and advise you the best and most practical way of doing it.

  • What is the quality of products made in China?

    The quality of products in China has improved significantly over the past five years. The Chinese have become increasingly aware that they must meet international standards. However, it is still very important that the correct quality assurance procedures are put in place. Tarseam quality control personal monitor and evaluate the production process through every step, examine every shipment, and test the quality by comparing all shipments to the master sample that you signed off.

  • Do I have to order large quantities when manufacturing in China?

    No, this is not necessary. Another unique advantage is that we are able to consolidate a number of small orders for customers and then ship them together.

  • I have a Prototype/Sketch/Idea. Can Tarseam inc help me take this right through to production stage?

    Yes, at Tarseam inc we have our own engineers, design team, and R&D facility. Along with the benefit of the product development being managed from our office in Vancouver. Tarseam inc will look at the big picture and work out a solution to make your project work.

  • If I have more questions, who can I contact?

    We ask you to please email us anytime with any questions or comments you may have. We will be happy to help you.
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